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Juan Si González was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1959. He describes himself as a communicator who doesn’t subscribe to any one discipline or style; his choice of media depends on the idea. He studied at the Higher Institute of the Arts in Havana and was selected to participate in the first and second Havana Biennales. He has lived in Ohio since 2002, during which time he has been awarded two Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowships; a residency with SPACES World Artists Program in Cleveland; and also residencies at Wittenberg University, Kenyon College, and Sinclair College. Juan Si’s work has been exhibited at The Frost Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, and the Miami Art Museum in Florida; Museum of Latin American Art in California; Museo del Barrio and Exit Art in New York City; Museum of Art in Indiana; Cambridge Arts Center in Massachusetts; Museo Carrillo Gil in Mexico; Centre Georges Pompidou in France; Kunsthalle Museum in Germany; Cultural Center of Bechem in Belgium; and the Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana in Slovenia. He has also participated in various international art fairs including Arco, Madrid; Photo Buenos Aires; Pinta London; Art Miami and Art Basel. His work is included in several private and public museum collections.


Transferring Data Series - 2010 / 2013

The photographs in this series register sudden glitches or gaps in transmission in the unrelenting traffic of media images. They are of television advertisements, news broadcasts, and reality shows during those intervals in which the signal is interrupted and the emitted image breaks up, fragmenting until nearly disintegrating. What remains is a trail of digital information, a wake of drifting fragments and vestiges of images that retain some trace of that which has already precipitously disappeared. In these photographs, I try to capture and document the digital trail left behind by an image in movement, its ephemeral trajectory from the recognizable to the abstract.