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Frank Guiller was born in Habana, Cuba in 1959,  an artist of the generation that emerged with the Cuban revolution under the influence of Socialist realism, a Marxist aesthetic doctrine that became a dominant style of realistic art which developed under Socialism which celebrates an idealized vision of the life. Frank Guiller works predominantly in the medium of Digital Photography, but includes video, drawing, painting and installations. Guiller completed an MFA with distinction 
at the Graphics and Engraving on the Academy of Fine Art San Alejandro in 1984. Since then he has had evolved with a very unique style with an alternative use of filters in the photographic processes leading to conceptual works and with an extraordinary and contemporary simplicity to accomplish his vision and explore new ways in a changing world.
Guiller’s photography has been in many galleries for solo and group shows, also it has been published in Magazines and newspapers, he has many collectors, including museums and galleries, he also has lectured and offers workshops digital art and photography. 


Photography for-tells stories synonymous with our own primal, intrinsic desires to dive in and implicate, merge, and experience our external environments. 

The pause that holds us silently whilst observing opens doors that capture untold stories only we could conquer. Images filter constructs of rapacious emotional rapture. Visual stimulation impacts the exploration of the psyche through the processes of association thus hurdling emotions, voyeurism, pity, ragelament. All of these perhaps, visionary in one stillness. A pause conveying all possibility