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Anna Carine Hourseau 

Anna was born in Cuba 1974. She is a curator, and an authority on Cuban culture and contemporary visual art. For years she has worked as a cultural promoter, organizing literary events and exhibits of photographs and other art in galleries and alternative institutions in Cuba. She also has a long history representing and developing the careers of emerging, independent artists and helping to introduce their work throughout the different galleries and art spaces.

Anna worked as a curator in “Galería Arte Contemporáneo” in México, DF 1992-1994, since then she evolve, coordinated numerous art exhibitions, contacted and interviewed artists. From 1994-1995 she develop into the Cultural Lebanon Center in México, DF, at the “Alfredo Atala Boulous” Gallery as a curator and research coordinator for the Inventory of Mexican art pieces, as: Raúl Anguiano, Rafael Guerrero, Leonardo Nierman, Gunther Gerzso, Francisco Zuñiga, Francisco Toledo, Juan Soriano.

Since 1995 she worked as a freelancer curator for the Art Gate Group and others institutions of art.

She holds a Master on History of Art from University of Havana, Cuba.